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Filling Line AFS Modular


Quick changeover

  • The conveyor belt has guide bars, which can be dismounted by two milled nuts.
  • Each guide bar can be used for two bottle geometries by simply turning it upside down.
  • No need to adapt the spacing between jars or the distance between nozzles as in traditional systems.

  Quick changeover when switching bottle formats.


Easy cleanability

  • The conveyor belt stays clean since it is not in contact with the bottles during filling.
  • The transfer station has a smooth stainless steel surface and can be cleaned if required.
  • To clean the pistons and filling nozzles, the nozzles will be lowered through openings in the transfer station into a designated tub.
  • The rinsing liquid will be discharged through a hose.

Time-saving cleanability.


Simple transport and set-up

  • The compact dimensions make the transport and set-up very easy.
  • The modules fit through any door.
  • The small foot-print allows to place the machine in rooms with space constraints.

Transporting and setting up the machine can be handled quickly.



  • LAN-Interface: Remote access for service and support.

Minimal down-times in case of a service job.

  • Load cell as option:
  • To the volumetric dosing can be added a weight function. This allows to use gravimetric filling and to record the filling weight for each cycle.
  • Also check-weighing can be implemented.

Additional quality management activity.

  • Option Smartphone App: Monitoring the system by a smartphone App allows to analyze filling quantities per day or week.

Tracking production progress in real time.


Infobrochure "AFS Modular" (PDF 1.0 MB)

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