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admixture scales Type AC

Operating description:
The basic principle is to have an electronic liquid weigher with weighing cylinders made of acryl glass or stainless steel, resistant to aggressive chemical admixtures, enclosed in a protective cabinet with a window. Weighing cylinder with 5, 15 or 30 liters can be combined as desired. Weighing cylinders are mounted on a rigid frame with one load cell. Discharge is achieved by gravity or discharge pumps. Each weigh cylinder is equipped with two admixture connections, with provisions for up to four connections per cylinder.


  • Acryl glass weighing cylinder scale for visual control
  • Optional stainless steel cylinders are resistant to aggressive chemical admixtures
  • Many combinations of weighing cylinders, available sizes 5l-15l-30l, (1.3-4.0-8.0 gal.)
  • Each weighing cylinder may be discharged and rinsed individually
  • Weigher is not sensitive to vibrations
  • Precise metering accuracy of ± 0,1% max. weight
  • Easy calibrating with platform for weights
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