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Metering Systems for c-compact and G-granules

These systems can handle c-compact and spray-dried granules from Big-Bag or paper bags. The systems can handle various applicatons, up to 8 colours and upt 4 mixers. The use of filter cyclones and mixer dust extraction make it even more versatile.

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Powder and Granule Metering Systems

Powder metering systems can handle the lower cost powder pigment from Big-Bags ro 50 pound paper bags. The newly developed powder metering system FLEX 70 can meter and pneum. convey the dry powder in the concrete mixer. With the dry/wet  powder system we offer a lower cos powder system. Both systems can serve multiple mixers and are installed at ground level.

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Slurry Metering

Metering systems for ready made slurry in containers are mainly for smaller yearly colour consumption, because the investment cost is low. The system can be nevertheless very flexible. Mixing tanks for on site slurry preparation is for high yearly colour consumption, e.g. roof tile manufacturers, because the use of lower cost powder pigment results in large cost savings.

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Electronic Liquid Weigher

In the product range of admixture scales we run three lines, these are the Types AC, ES and KFW. With these variations, we can cover any application possible. There are different size cylinders per scale, various number of separate cylinders per scale and anycombination thereof.

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Admixture Metering Cylinder

Admixture cylinders are volumetric cylinder, e.g. with float and potentiometer or level probes. These are low cost metering solutions, often used as replacments in existing plants.

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Gear Pumps

The gear pumps are available in a large range of sizes from 3 l/min up to 360 l/min. There are used for all kinds of admixture metering applications. For special admixtures or liquid colour slurry we also offer a range of diaphragm pumps

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