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Explosion-proof machines

Our semi-automatic machines of the PS-series have an ATEX-certificate meeting latest EU-regulations. They are suitable for filling inflammable liquid and viscous products. Please note that according to existing laws only a machine with an ATEX-certificate is allowed to be use in an explosion-proof area.

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Automatic Lines

Fully-automatic filling (2-fold, 4-fold or 6-fold) and capping machines for various products. The lines are equipped with servo-drive filling and servo-driven height adjustable filling nozzles. Filling procedures can be programmed in a recipe/formula perfectly adapted to product and packing.

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Semi-automatic Machines

  • PSV-1000-2-UA-NV
  • PA-10000-UA-NV

The semi-automatic machines are perfectly suitable in liquid filling applications. Depending on design type the machines can be used for filling watery, foaming, very viscous products or even products containing small pieces. These extremely sturdy machines (stainless steel versions available) offer a filling range from 5 ml up to 10000 ml.

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Manual Machines

Manual filling machines for liquid products, pastes and creams. Ideal for trial and test purposes or small production quantities with very flexible applications. Filling range depending on design from 5 to 500 ml.

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Capping Machines

Capping machines for screw caps or lids. We offer a wide range from small manual (pneumatic or electric) capping machines, semi-automatic capping machines to be installed at a conveyor belt, as well as full-automatic capping machines with programmable servo-drive.

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